Monday, January 19, 2009

Elegant Table Art

The Elegant Table Art collection from artist Michael Michaud combines his love of nature and exceptional knowledge of precious metal casting to create wonderful giftware and tabletop items. This collection is part of a family manufacturing business that has been producing high quality jewelry and art objects for 35 years in Long Island, New York . We say with pride, Made in America.

The base metal used throughout the collection is primarily pewter in either its natural coloration or gold plated. Freshwater pearls, glass beads and semi precious stones are used on certain designs within the collection as well. Trinket boxes are perfect for pins, rings, coins or ... trinkets. The salts and spoons would make any hors d'oeuvres presentation special.

Another distinctive and elegant set of items are in an entirely different medium from a different part of the world. These crystal obelisks are fantastic!

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