Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day: Re-use and Recycle with Vintages

Every day should be Earth Day. Today is its official celebration. Aside from recycling and re-using as much as possible, we try to conserve our resources, both at home and here in Vintages. When you shop here, you probably have noticed that our bags are paper and are not printed, so that you can use the bag another day and for another purpose. There are a number of behind the scenes earth friendly practices we do as well.

We also try to buy American and conservation-minded products. Some folks have likened the antique business to a recycling of items -- valuable and not so vauable -- that would have otherwise probably clogged a landfill. There's a bit of truth in that.

We have a number of items that crafters use, and re-use, that accomplish the same thing. Here at Vintages you can find vintage papers, millinery flowers and photographs that crafters and artists incorporate into their works. Old wall paper makes great wrapping paper for gifts, or matting for pictures, or backgrounds for tags, cards and altered books. The same can be said for vintage sheet music, pages from old journals and damaged antique books. We have seen some interesting collage art done using some of our vintage paper.
We also have in stock several different notebooks and pads made from recycled paper.
Another item which we just got in are the re-usable canvas bags made from organic cotton. These have wonderful and colorful images of birds, flowers and fruit. The perfect companion for shopping, going to the beach, or just wandering around.

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