Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gilding the Lily

On a recent trip to Southern California, we made a detour to a shop we had heard about that was in Fullerton – Gilding the Lily. We drove through the netherlands of the mid-LA metro area to find this little oasis that is the downtown area of Fullerton. A real delight! Both the town and the shop.

Nancy Jamar has this little shop which opens onto an old-time courtyard, packed with vintage stuff – from books and paper to jewelry making supplies galore! What’s more, Nancy holds classes at a big table in one end of the shop. Instructors from all over show enthusiastic crafters how to make beautiful things, like jewelry and shadow boxes, how to work with textiles and beads, and just have fun.

We found some interesting items for our own cache of crafting stuff. A few old books – a botany treatise from the late 1900s, a delightful little French book and an old Farmer’s Record filled with handwritten notes on butter & cream, feedstock, tools and all sorts of things.
Then there were these little French millinery decorations made of curly feathers and neatly split dried leaves, complete with the Made in France tags.
You can check out Nancy’s class schedule and loads of information on the kits and findings she has in her shop from her blog and website. Definitely worth the visit.

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  1. You two are too kind! What lovely comments from a lovely couple. It was wonderful to have you drop in...I always appreciate so much my visitors who make the special effort to come from afar. Thank you, Nancy


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