Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marti Somers • Vintage Alice

Marti Somers stopped in Vintages a while back and bought an old autograph album. It was a lovely red velvet covered book, half filled with autographs from friends of Alice in the late 1880s. Alice was from Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. While most folks would love this book for the autographs, beautiful writing and clever notations, Marti saw something more. She loved the old paper from the unsigned pages!

Marti is an artist. Her art “takes you into the artist's world of whimsical canvases and playful narrations. She explores such subjects as the fragility of nature in contrast to modern life, the human form in balance with other living creatures, and simply the magic found in an ordinary day.”

So Marti Somers transformed Alice’s book … it’s pages resurfaced in a painting she has titled Vintage Alice. Alice is now a 30”x36” mixed media work that uses 24 pages from the autograph album, each with its own special image, that are imbedded in the larger painting in which she manages to pull all of them together.
Somers spent many years as a graphic designer and illustrator, but in “2001 she embarked on a full-time painting career, and shortly after opened Studio Believe in San Carlos (California). Her work is shown nationally, and collected globally.” Her website is

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