Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day • Sunday June 21st

Fathers' Day is in a week-and-a-half! Time flies. What a different celebration than Mothers' Day. Dad wants to watch the ballgame, have a beer and a BBQ, maybe go to the beach. No shopping in downtown Los Gatos, breakfast at the Los Gatos Cafe or brunch at the Hotel Los Gatos! It's a guy thing, right? But please don't forget Dad on his special day ... just do it his way.

I remember my Dad. I got closer to him as I got older and he got smarter (ahem ... it's true!) He didn't toot his horn or say I told you so. He just smiled!

I found this old book, Dear Old Father, which is a 1910 compilation of essays, sayings, quotes and poems about fathers. Some are corny and some are rather somber, but they all point out the greatness of Dear Old Dad.
One poem that reminds me so much of my dad is a little five stanza ditty by E. A. Brininstool titled simply My Dad. It reads in part:
My Dad he makes the slickest kite
You ever saw, by jing!
Why, it will sail clean out of sight
When I let out the string!
The other kids they come to me
Fer their kite patterns now;
An' they're as glad as they can be
That my dad knows just how.
They's nothing much my dad can't do
If he makes up his mind.
An' he is mighty chummy, too,
One of the bully kind.
Some dads would yell, "Oh go an' play;
I am busy as kin be!"
But my dad he ain't built that way!
Not on your life, by gee!
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