Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Updates

We recently rearranged most of the shop. It makes things look new and fresh. Plus it gives us a chance to highlight new and exciting additions. We've brought most of the decorative paper and ribbon up to the front of the store. Easier to find and compare what we have this way.

We continue to add handcrafted gifts made by local artists, including pendants, fragrant lavender pillows, decorated bottles, tags and cards.With summer approaching, we set up our picnic table with a load of beach and picnic items. These are watched over by Harold and Josie, two cute little handmade stuffed beach kids from a wonderful doll maker in Phoenix. There are also some great lemonade and summer drink pitchers and glasses, hand carved wooden paddles and bouys, and picket fence fish.

We added a little garden center in the back corner. We have some neat little pots, super topiary trellises, pottery mushrooms, a new shipment of birdhouses and other outdoor decorations.
Have a great Summer and drop on into Vintages. We would love to see you.

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