Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Saturday: July 11th

Los Gatos was filled with energy and excitement this past weekend with our second 2nd Saturday event. With over 140 businesses participating, this was the largest business event we have had in our little town. There was music and refreshments, special events and special sales, and the Town of Los Gatos and the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a raffle for visitors who gathered stickers from at least five shops. (The prizes were some free dinners, free unlimited parking in town and more.)Richard Katz, bagpiper and Irish flute musician, played a couple of sessions in front of Vintages during the afternoon. (See our earlier article about Richard on this blog.)
All in all, lots of energy, lots of customers and a fun day. We will do it again on the second Saturday of August -- August 8th. Come on over and see us.

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