Friday, August 28, 2009

Creative Art Soldering Kits are Now in Stock!

Vintages is now carrying creative art soldering kits. These are great for creating pendants, charms and jewelry. The kit comes complete with: soldering iron specific to this type of soldering, coil spring iron stand, acid free flux, lead-free silver solder, copper foil tape, two holding clamps, assorted jump rings, four sets of glass and instructions on soldering basics and safety information.

We have an instructional DVD and a great book on soldering to get you going on a new level. The interactive DVD is like taking a solder art class, with the instructor guiding you step by step through the soldering process. It is broken into categories and you can play any section as many times as you want. Professionally filmed, the DVD has great close-ups showing you the techniques that are hard to explain and includes clip art and three guided design projects to help inspire your creativity!

The book contains much of the instruction that is on the DVD as well as a lot of information on tools and materials, as well as how to use them. Many projects are included with illustrated instructions, patterns and clip art. The book makes an excellent reference on creative soldered art design and techniques.

We also have other solder art accessories and extra individual supplies. This includes various sizes of precut glass, extra flux and solder, various sizes of copper tape, hemostat pliers for attaching jump rings and soldering mats to protect your work surface.
Our extensive collection of vintage and decorative crafting supplies also includes a wide variety of papers, ribbon, die-cuts, Dresden, millinery flowers and feathers, old photographs and music paper, and much more.

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