Tuesday, September 29, 2009

12 Days in Paris: Flea Markets

Paris flea markets range from neighborhood markets (the Paris equivalent of garage sales, which are not allowed in Paris) to brocante markets (like the one we went to at Porte de Vanves) to the antique flea markets (such as the Paris Flea Market at Clingnancourt).

Starting at the high end, we went to the Marche les Puces Saint Ouen at Porte Clignancourt – better known as The Paris Flea Market (Intersection of rue des Rosiers and rue Paul Bert, 18e, M├ętro: Porte de Clignancourt). This “market” is actually a dozen markets scattered over several streets in the area. The market is large, confusing and many of the antiques are expensive. We started at Marche Paul Bert and Serpette, then over to Marche Biron. These markets are typically high end. Great to look at and you will definitely see things not available here in the Bay Area. We eventually got over to Marche Vernaison where we were more at home with the brocante shops.

Marche Paul Bert and Serpette

We didn’t buy anything in these markets, but there were many fascinating things for sale. But when you’re on a time budget, you need to move on.

Marche Vernaison

This market we enjoyed. The spaces are reasonable to navigate and there are lots of mid-range items to choose from.

Found a number of items at the Tombees du Camion spaces. This shop also has a location near Montmartre (17, rue Joseph de Maistre, 18e, Metro Abbbesses). The name literally means, “fallen off the truck.” They have inventive displays and reasonable prices for the most part. We picked up some round boxes and labels from them.

Marche Porte de Vanves

The Marche aux Puces de la Porte Vanves (Avenue Georges Lafenestre & Avenue Marc Sangnier, 18e, Metro: Porte Vanves) is pretty much on the opposite side of Paris from the St. Ouen market. This is much more like the antique or flea markets we are used to. The market is stretched in a long line over several blocks. We found a wide variety of items, but it seemed we came away with mainly old paper.

These are old handwritten documents ranging in age from Napoleanic times to the early 1900s.

Labels, cards, ivory game pieces, maps, butter wrappers and more boxes all look great.

This is a terrific old photo album, filled with CDVs including military, children and refined ladies.

Two mini-book calendars from 1923 & 1924.

This is a wonderful religious locket. Below are silverplate medallions from the Olympics, a pair of French napkin rings, a couple of corkscrews and a bathing beauty.

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  1. Great photos! Looks like you had a good time :)
    Thanks for sharing, I felt like I was there!


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