Tuesday, September 29, 2009

12 Days in Paris: Village St. Paul

Village St. Paul is a small area of le Marais that runs along rue Saint Paul and adjacent streets and courtyards. This area is home to a number of boutiques and antique/brocante shops. We strolled along the streets, wandered in and out of the courtyards and found some nice items for ourselves and the shop. You’ll be seeing some lovely little perfume bottle labels, medicine boxes, and small paper items in Vintages.

Au Passe Partout (21, rue Saint Paul, 4e) has a fantastic selection of antique keys, corkscrews and other objets insolites et de collection (unusual objects and collectibles). The owner is Marc Feldman who authored a book (in French) about antique keys, Des Clefs et des Hommes (Keys and Men). I purchased this wonderful Champagne Tap from Marc. It is a very unusual example and will be a great addition to my collection.

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