Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shadow Box Pins by Christine Charter Moorhead

Christine Charter Moorhead makes these fantastic and whimsical altered art pins in solder framed shadow boxes. She uses found objects, fragments of paper and fabric, and a variety of doo-dads. Christine says on her website that she tries to “capture time in the moment and link the past to the future with my Shadow Box Art Pins. My passion is about creating artistic, symbolic and fun pieces out of every day things. I hope to capture your imagination and make you smile!” She surely has captured ours … and hopefully you will smile too.
These Shadow Box Pins are very tactile and three-dimensional. The frame is copper with a silver solder overcoat. We have a nice selection of Christine’s Shadow Box Pins here in the shop and these are also available online. Please click on the photo for more information about each pin.

Musicians and artists will love this tribute to artists everywhere.
DOGS RULE! And so does this whimsical pin featuring Nipper – made famous by RCA’s slogan His Master’s Voice.
My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance! For the gal that needs nothing, has everything and knows it!
LIFE – The Immense Journey. Live life and the journey it takes you on every day.

Pearls of wisdom … or just pearls. Either way this shadow box is bright and brilliant.
Can the right shoes really change your life? This pin suggests that may be true!
The Judd’s sang this song years ago and it still strikes a musical smile for me. I choose to be the windshield rather than that poor bug.

Christine Charter Moorhead is a resident of the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. She is primarily a glass artist, specializing in glass windows and lamps. But she loves creating these whimsical shadow box pins. We are sure happy that she does, because we love them.

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