Saturday, October 3, 2009

12 Days in Paris: Bastille & Oberkampf

Just beyond le Marais is the Bastille district and further out the Oberkampf district. These areas continue the energy and interest of the Marais, but are a bit more shabby. We stumbled (almost literally) across this little village of brocantes on rue du Marche Popincourt and rue Ternaux, side streets off rue Oberkampf and rue de Nemours, in the 11th district (Metro: Oberkampf/Parmentier). There are 8 or 10 little shops in this "village". We gathered in a number of nice finds at Belle Laurette, La Garconniere and Alasinglinglin. The other shops have pretty interesting stuff as well, so it's definitely worth checking out this area. Here's a blog that has more information on this little area.Further out we walked up to Entre Temps (12, Place du Guignier, 20e) which is a delightful little shop run by Manon Godfrin and Dominique Vervaet. They have quite a selection of paper products, sewing collectibles and various objects of art, all in a tiny shop. They told us of a neighborhood flea market that was going to be held in the square in front of their shop the next day. We came back out early on Saturday and made some nice finds.
Have a wonderful, fresh, inexpensive lunch at Paris-Feni, bar a fruits, salades, glaerie Bengali (15 bis rue Ternaux, 11e) which is right on the corner in this little brocante village. It is Indian cuisine, simplified. Loved it!


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