Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful Diary Dated 1886

Back in 1886, M. S. Quivey maintained this lovely little diary. Every day she (at least we think it is a young lady based on the content) made an entry in beautiful, tiny handwriting. Remembering that back then this had to be written with a dip pen -- maybe even a quill pen -- the handwriting is remarkable. She gives a wonderful account of every day of the year. She starts with the temperature and weather, then writes about what happened that day. Some days were relatively calm, others very busy, and on others she was not feeling well. We do not know her full name or where she lived. She has listed a bit of the correspondence she had with some of her friends -- Anna Quivey, Lizzie Smith, Della Q. Stabler and John N. Moore.The front pages of this wonderful little book are loaded with almanac type information, such as monthly calendars, postal rates, sun & moon table, interest rate tables and hourly wage calculators (from a nickel to 40 cents per hour), names of the presidents, and more. Each page is topped with a special image co-ordinated to the content of the page.This is truly a special book. Does anyone write this beautifully today?

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