Sunday, October 25, 2009

Society Dog's Howling Halloween

Society Dog is a Los Gatos-based social network for canines (and dog lovers as well!) Last night the group celebrated their annual Howling Halloween event here in the village. Dogs dressed in Halloween costumes prowled Santa Cruz Avenue in search of doggie treats offered by many of the merchants. (The treats this year were supplied by Bow Wowser, a dog boutique just up the street.) The dogs were accompanied by their people friends, many of whom were dressed in costume as well.The bank across the street from Vintages hosted the event and the costume contest as well. Turn out was great! We all had a lot of fun.But the stars of the evening were the dogs!The dogs were of every size and color you could imagine. Little ones -- some fluffy, some perky, some being carried and some a curious as cats!Lobster anyone?These were by far the tiniest little canines we saw!Is this a new breed of police dog?Average sized dogs pranced and sauntered about. One of my favorites was this "multi-colored" dalmation with rainbow hair!Large dogs seem to be "above all the hoopla"! For football fans, though, both the Pac-10 and Big-10 we nicely represented.Great fun and just another example of why we love Los Gatos!

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