Monday, March 29, 2010

Victorian Advertising • Illustrated London News 1898

We found this fantastic bound copy of The Illustrated London News (July-December 1898).  WOW! What a wealth of information.  Lots of things going on in the world in 1898.  The ascension of Queen Wilhelmina to the throne of Holland, the Spanish-American War, the British War on the Soudan, the German Emperor's visit to Palestine and the assassination of the Empress of Bavaria all received major attention and cover stories in the Illustrated.  A smaller amount of coverage was given to the annexation of Hawaii by the United States.

With all these major events, the Illustrated carried its usual publication of serial novels, fashion news and gossip.  And the businesses of London produced some fantastic advertisements.  These four are just the tip of what we found, but represent the quirky side of advertising back in 1898.

We all love chocolates ... and apparently the man in the moon does too, as shown in this ad for Hildebrand's High Class Chocolates and Confectionery!

Long hair was a big thing in the late Victorian era.  There were several ads professing to both grow and care for lengthy locks.

What is this gadget?  It is called the Excelsior Electrical Cabinet made by Parkins & Gotto.  What strange things were done with this appliance?

And the show must go on!  The Greatest Show on Earth, Barnum & Baily's Circus was in London on Boxing Day.

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  1. The Excelsior is a kit for experiments with static electricity. It has a Wimshurst machine and several accessories.


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