Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elegance in Jewelry & Glass

Sometimes I wonder where traditional elegance has gone.  Bridal registries feature gifts from Pottery Barn and homes are outfitted with reproductions from Restoration Hardware.  The digital world we live in is replacing the joy of seeing masterpieces firsthand at museums and the tactile experience of holding and inspecting an antique before pressing the purchase button!  Don't get me wrong.  I love the internet and all it can do.  Pottery Barn has some neat stuff and not everyone can afford the perfect antique hardware needed to restore a Victorian treasure.  But I still like the real stuff ...

Along with a lot of vintage costume jewelry (which we love so much), American Indian and Mexican silver, and select contemporary cocktail pieces, here at Vintages we have a small, but unique selection of fine estate jewelry.  Gem-studded gold rings, bracelets and necklaces, strands of pearls and distinctive gold bracelets, chains and bands, and old carved ivory.

We also carry some fine old cut and etched crystal wine glasses, goblets, cordials and bowls.  Art glass too. Though the selection is small, it is very nice, as we only offer items we love.

As you may already know, we also feature the works of new artists.  Here is a selection of beautiful pewter items.  Intricate dishes, boxes and spoons from Table Art and lovely wish nests by Alise Sheehan.  Modern elegance in a traditional motif.  Simply put ... beautiful.

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