Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paris, Birds, Ribbons and Inspiration

Spring seems to bring out a newness and freshness to the world around us.  Fresh flowers, freshly tilled vegie gardens, new growth on the trees.  In the spirit of spring, we refresh our shop with new products each year around this time.  Most of the great things that we ordered back in January have arrived.  We are excited to unveil so many fantastic finds.  There is more to come, but what we have received is really wonderful.

With spring and summer the birds are everywhere.  Even here at Vintages.

New cotton ribbons, tissue garland, old lace and handmade ribbon flowers.

Inspirational signs, plaques and paperweights have always been part of our selection.  Add to that wonderful greeting cards and colorful matchboxes.

We have put together some luscious home accents in the Paris Apartment-style.  More on this in a later post, but here are a few images to whet your appetite.

Paris guides, old childrens stories and just wonderful old books are tucked into the back corner, along with vintage postcards and old photos.

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