Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Victorian Jewelry: The Parisian Diamond Company

Dog collars strung with pearls and diamonds, hair combs of tortoise and brilliants, earrings of gems and gold!  All of these placed in gorgeously designed settings.  What else could a lady of fashion during the 1890s want?  The Parisian Diamond Company provided the answer -- affordability.  This London firm, with branch offices on some of the toniest streets of London -- New Bond Street, Regent Street and Burlington Arcade -- created timeless jewelry using the finest of imitation stones and pearls.  Their advertising pages from the 1897 Illustrated London News show these beautiful gems in all their glory.  Testimonials and commendations abound!  And in reading articles from the period, these costume jewels were difficult to distinguish from the real gems.  Have a look.

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