Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Paper: Memory Book from 1884

We love all variety of memory books -- autograph books, journals and diaries, scrapbooks and photo albums.  It's hard to say what it is that draws us to these old tomes.  Sometimes its the graphics.  Other times the content is just too precious or important to pass up.  We love some of the poems, drawings and always the fancy penmanship.  Sometimes just the color and texture of the pages are beautiful, even without any writing.  There are so many, many ways to love these little books.  They give us a little glimpse into the personal history and sentiment of days gone by.

This book is an Ideal Album from 1884.  It was a gift from a husband to his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary.  His love poem is wonderful:

Twenty-five short years have fled,
Since you and I, dear wife, were wed;
And as our Silver Stage appears,
It comes to Crown sweet happy years.
But would we call them back? Oh no,
For brighter still our love should glow,
Till in our Father's home above,
We reach the Golden Stage of love.

The book is separated into the twelve months of the year with wonderful Victorian graphic images.  Enjoy the gallery below.

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