Friday, August 13, 2010

Lela Belle Jewelry Collection Now Available Online from Vintages

We have finally gotten items from the Lela Belle Jewelry Collection posted in our online shop!  We will be adding more glass beads over the next few days.  

This is a fabulous line of interchangeable beaded jewelry.  The colorful and inspirational beads are interchangeable on a variety of silver chains so that the beads may be worn in clusters on a necklace or strung apart on either a necklace or bracelet.
Using a process which is more than 3000 years old, each bead is exclusively made for the Lela Belle Jewelry Collection.  These lampwork beads are all handcrafted in small village studios around the world using only the highest quality of Murano glass from Italy and .925 sterling silver components.
Lela Belle beads are like people, they come in many different sizes, shapes and colors … no two beads will ever be the same.  The variations in bead colors and designs are part of the uniqueness of this line and are a result of the handmade process.  Each bead has its own distinctive charm and when placed with other beads, creates a bracelet or necklace that shows the individual style of the person wearing it.  Sterling silver findings are added to accentuate the beautiful colors in each bead.
We sell all the component parts individually, so you can create your own style using the colors and shapes and materials of your choice.  What's more, we have incorporated Susan's handmade solder pendants into the assortment and sell the clasps and connectors that can allow you to add your own pendants or charms into the design.
The glass beads from this collection have so many variations in size, shape and color that we will only be listing a sampling of the available selection, so please contact us if you do not find the one you are looking for.  We will be happy to send you photos of pieces and even place a special order with Lela Belle to get the item you want if it is not in stock.

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