Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art Nouveau Pansy Jewelry

The jewelers of the late-Victorian period were masters at creating delicate floral designs.  Fancy jewelry made in shiney gold and embellished with precious stones displayed the influence of Art Nouveau and the prosperity of the early 1900s.  These were the high times for Rene Lalique's fanciful jewelry, Cartier's flashy brooches and Tiffany's best designs.
Lalique Poppies Necklace
Lalique Cattleya Hair Comb
Cartier Tutti-Fruitti Necklace
Tiffany Bird Bracelet
We are fortunate to offer two magnificent pieces from this time period.  Both are solid 14k gold with delicate enamel pansies and old cut diamonds.  Both are masterfully hand crafted of several independent pieces carefully put together with solid reinforced joints.  This is truly Old World Craftsmanship.

The Pansy Brooch is quite large and has three shiny enameled pansies on gold stems with gold leaves.

The Pansy Bracelet is decorated with three pansies that are painted with a silvery enamel.  The articulation of the bracelet is an artwork in itself.

Both of these gorgeous pieces are offered on our antiques online site.  More details and photos can be found there.

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