Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exotic Hawaiian Farmers' Markets on Kauai

Exotic Starfruit from the Farmers' Market on Kauai
We just got back from a short vacation on the island of Kauai.  Besides being home to the wettest spot on earth, the Waimea Canyon (aka - the Grand Canyon of the Pacific), superb beach side resorts and ... well you know all the superlatives about Hawaii ... It's not just a State, it's a State of Mind.  We visited a couple of farmers' markets to see what exotic fruits were available.   It was fun and we definitely found some interesting produce.
Farmers' Market near Hanalei
Island lemons, sweet pineapples and exotic starfuit.
There are a lot of farmers' markets on Kauai.  We stopped at one just beyond Hanalei which was an old fashioned tent market with an old time Hawaiian feel.  The other was over near Poipu in a new shopping center that was a bit more upscale, but had a lot of the same produce.  Both were places were you could chat with the farmers and sample the taste of the tropics.
Colorful Dragon Fruit or Pitaya
Hawaiian Papayas      
Sliced fruit ready for tasting. 

The variety is endless ... and delicious.
Next time you visit Hawaii, or any rural area, stop and taste the bounty at roadside stands, farmers markets and local stores.  You just might find a new and exotic favorite.  Aloha!

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