Friday, January 7, 2011

Fantastic Folk Art Dolls and Figures

WOW! We found this marvelous collection of hand made, folk art figures. Talk about creativity! We do not know if these were all made by the same artist or if it was a collection accumulated over time. Many of the figures have similar construction, but not all.
Crepe paper Doggie is $39
These are mostly "stick figure" dolls. By that I mean that the core of most of them is either a pipe cleaner or wrapped metal wire, although one is built around a cardboard cone and the little dog has an old metal "clicker" as his body!  Most have crepe paper  wrapped bodies or dresses, some use cellophane, old tulle, ribbons and millinery flowers. The use of these novel materials and household items in creating these little masterpieces is an indication that whoever made these was a true folk artist.
The little girl in the yellow dress is $29; the Indian Princess is $39
The faces on these dolls are hand painted and have real character. How can anyone resist these cute little expressions? 
These bridesmaids are really decked out! $59 each
Several years ago, we had a bride and groom cake topper set made of pipe cleaners with ceramic faces just like these two bridesmaids. I think these came from a kit or pattern that was available in the 1950s.
Angel and Devil are $39 each
Devil or Angel, which one will it be ... reminds me of the old 1950s song by The Clovers (later by Bobby Vee).
The dancer is $49; Miss Muffet is $39
I especially love these two ladies. The dancer is filled with energy and movement, while Little Miss Muffet has just spotted that little spider on her dress.
This set, including the descriptive card, is $39
One set of figures comes with a story. These were made using tin foil taken off of flower pots by a 6th grader who was confined to the hospital for many months.

All of these are available both in our shop and online. Prices range from $29 to $59.

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