Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration • Fresh Ideas • New Products

We are just back from Atlanta where we attended the second of the three January markets. After the Holidays, it's great to reload the creative energies and find new ideas for projects and products. And we found some wonderful new items for you ... and fresh, exciting inspiration for the new year. Here's a bit of what we found. Most of it will not ship for a few months, but the antique-vintage items are in the shop now. We will get them online soon. Enjoy ...
We have the Queen sign in stock • The wallpaper made from old book pages is great!
There are several vendors that we visit who just have that gift of style. They inspire us not only to place orders for their products, but also to think of how we can incorporate these ideas into our displays in Vintages and to give ideas to our customers as well.
This display of Santos figures is wonderful. Come see the selection we have at Vintages.
Millinery feathers, old paper, twigs ... create!
Just loved these old bicycle wheels and bottle lamps.
Makes you want to curl up with a book under that lamp.
Everything here is different ... yet they relate to each other within the space.
By now, you probably have figured out that we love Victorian-era jewelry. Well, we found a trove of early-1900s Victorian pendants, necklaces and earrings, most incorporating luscious Bohemian or Czech glass. We even found this beautiful Prussian enamel and turquoise pencil.
This is a novel way to use and display jewelry.
Victorian era silver jewelry.
Early 1900s jewelry • Bohemian/Czech glass, cameos, pearls, lockets.
This pendant is a sparkling array of amethysts, tourmaline and crystals all set in 14k gold.
This Prussian pencil is decorated in enamel and turquoise over a gold-filled base.
These three early-19th century bibles are magnificent. They are in pristine condition, have wonderful old pages and text. These are either German or Swedish.
Got some wonderful old pansy millinery flowers and ordered these whimsical scotty dogs and ribbon to match!
Vintage velveteen pansy flower bunches, still with original tags.
These doggies are too darn cute!
It's hard to get pumped up over items for the fall and holiday season, but now is the time we order for Halloween and Christmas. This is just a sample of the selection we will have later in the year.

Hand-made cards and tags always catch our attention.

We found several reproduction game boards, plus this one-of-a-kind art piece of a gaming wheel.
See you in the shop.

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