Thursday, February 10, 2011

Create Your Own Paris Theatre

Paris is more than a beautiful city ... it is also wonderful theatre! Yes. Walk down any street and just take in everything that is going on. People, flowers, buildings, hustle and bustle everywhere. So too are quiet gardens, spacious parks, tiny plazas and sidewalk cafes. Just like a three act play, only in real life.
l'Opera de Paris Garnier
But Paris has wonderful theatres, too. The classic Opera de Paris Garnier, the equally classic Palais Royal, the ebulliant can-can theatre of the Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge, the theatre of marrionettes in the Luxembourg Gardens, or the impromptu stages set up in parks, on sidewalks and along the banks of the Seine.
Ballet of India at l'Opera de Paris Garnier
The Theatre at the Palais Royal
The famous Moulin Rouge as captured by Toulouse Lautrec
Marionettes at the Luxembourg Gardens
You can create your own personal Paris Theatre starting with these luscious linen framed curtains, opera ladies dressed in haute couture and this simple framed Paris sign. Throw in your own artistic touches and, voila', your own Paris Theatre.
The Linen Frame is a great theatre backdrop for the opera ladies.
Opera Ladies are $21.95 each
Linen Framed Prints are $28.95 each
Paris Prints are $27.95 each

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