Sunday, February 27, 2011

Norma Dice Wire Wrapped Pendants

We have the privilege to be one of only two retail stores that offer the jewelry creations of this amazing artist from Capitola, a beach community near Los Gatos. These are one-of-a-kind pendants made by Norma Dice. Norma and her late husband spent many years searching for treasures of the earth. When in her mid-seventies, Norma taught herself to make jewelry from those treasures. Today at the age of 88, Norma continues to make beautiful jewelry. To quote her: There is a whole lot of love that goes into each piece of jewelry. I like to look at it for a little while then pass it on. We are proud to offer several of her pieces here at Vintages.

The  Peas-in-a-Pod pendants are created by using an appropriate fragment of an abalone shell and wire-wrapping several freshwater pearls into it. Each is unique, as the design and arrangement are dictated by the shape and size of the piece of abalone.

Gemstones and shells are wire-wrapped to show off both the gem, stone or shell, as well as the intricate pattern of the wire.
Peas-in-a-pod pendants ($69.00 each)
Gemstone, shell and coral pendants ($65 to $89 each)

We had quite a few mother-of-pearl gaming tokens dating the mid- to early-1900s from Hong Kong. These are all unique in and of themselves, as each has a patterned etched or carved into it. Norma wire-wrapped several of these for us and the results are dramatic. These are great pendants.
Wire-wrapped MOP gaming chips ($79 to $89 each)
Wire-wrapped gaming chip ($79); MOP gaming chip ($10)
MOP gaming chips ($10 top; $15 bottom)

Many of her pieces are available at our online store. More can be found in our shop in Los Gatos.

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