Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day • Monday, Feb 14th

Valentine's Day is almost here! Are you ready with a special and sentimental love token for your Valentine? 

Where did all this sentimentality come from anyway? There are lots of explanations. We recently uncovered a copy of the 1918 World Book Encyclodepia. It suggests that the origins may be a combination of two legends. One being the belief "that Saint Valentine was accustomed to go around from house to house, leaving food on the doorstep of the poor." The other was connected to the "observance of the Roman festival Lupercalia (held on Feb 15th) ... the young men celebrating the festival drew from a box the name of a lady, to whom he was to be faithful for the ensuing year." Who knows? I think it is just an excuse to get silly cards, write schmaltzie poems and get hugs and kisses. Sounds good to me.

In honor of Valentine's Day we have made Hearts our Featured Product for February. But there are more than hearts and flowers ... how about jewelry (What girl doesn't like something that sparkles?) and crowns (Queen or King for a Day!) and vintage whimseys (Old things seem to increase the sentimental feeling). At Vintages, we have all of the above and more. Check these out.
Valentine cards & die-cuts (from 99c) • Giant Paper Flowers (from $14.95)

Crowns, Candles, Jewelry Holders, and more

Handcrafted "I Love You" Fans and Cards (from $8.95)

Spell our your own sentiment with Vintage Wood Letterpress Blocks (from $5.00 each)

Beautiful Murano Glass Hearts (from $22.95)
More Handcrafted Love Tokens (from $8.95 each)

Create your own Valentine card from these kits ($7.95 each)

Old Love Letters add a Special Touch

Ribbon ... with or without messages

Give your Valentine the Key to Your Heart ($7.95 each)

We have a Great Selection of Vintage Jewelry

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