Saturday, March 12, 2011

La Blanche High Quality Silicone Rubber Stamps

We found these high definition, nearly photographic quality stamps at the last CHA Convention. La Blanche is a German company and these are new to the American market.

La Blanche Stamps are high quality silicone rubber stamps that offer easy stamping with minimal pressure. La Blanche Stamps create amazingly exact stamping results from highly detailed images. These stamps are mounted on very lightweight, hard foam and the stamps themselves are made from high quality silicone, which results in very detailed images. They can be used with archival and distressed ink pads, as well as regular ink pads. The design of these unique stamps makes for easy stamping with minimal pressure, with amazingly exact results and fantastically detailed designs. They are extremely heat resistant as well.

Vintages now has a substantial selection of these stamps in stock and online. These are also available on Susan's Etsy site, Pretty Ribbons.
This lady with wings and columns collage is $7.49
These lady collages are $7.99 each
The bird is $4.99 and the butterfly is $5.49
The English roses are $4.49, the zinnia $10.49 & the flowering vine $7.99
This beautiful collage is $10.49

La Blanche has created a few video tutorials of projects using these stamps. While she advocates the use of their own special paper, we have found that any good quality paper will give excellent results.

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