Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leslie Riley's Transfer Artist Paper

This wonderful product is the winner of the Craft and Hobby Association's (CHA) Most Innovative Product Award at the recent 2011 Winter CHA Conference. This polymer coated paper allows you to transfer your imagination into art. This Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) is a premium-quality transfer paper that allows you to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron. It works great on a wide variety of surfaces, including fabric, paper, wood, glass, metal, and more! You can print on it using an inkjet printer, as well as paint, stamp or draw images on to TAP. Iron it onto your surface and the transferred images are crisp and colorfast. The print on the fabric is washable and crack resistant. Transfers can be layered over each other, as well as over stamps, watercolor paints and printed paper.

Vintages has Transfer Artist Papers (TAP) available in packages of five sheets for $12.95, both in the shop and online. The package also comes with a sheet of Silicone Release Paper (available in packages of twelve sheets for $9.95) and complete instructions. These are also available on Susan's Etsy site, Pretty Ribbons.

These samples were made by Susan using a variety of papers and fabrics.
From top left: Cupcake paper, old pattern paper, cotton fabric, card stock, Kleenex tissue paper and, in the center, a wax paper sandwich bag!
The samples below were displayed at the CHA Convention, showing an even wider array of surfaces.
Substrates include(L to R): plastic, ribbon, mylar and glass
Substrates include(L to R): tissue, art canvas, plastic, fabric and mylar
The creator of this fabulous product, Leslie Riley, did this presentation on Cool2Craft TV, explaining how the paper works and more.

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