Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Burlap is showing up all over the place. And Vintages is not going to be left behind. Here's a few items we have that are made from burlap ... and one project that we saw at a show.
Little Burlap bags with fleur d'lys stamp ($6.95 each)
White Burlap bean bags with clocks, keys & crowns ($11.95 each)
Cutout stars, hearts & tags (Set of 3 • $3.75 Burlap • $2.95 Canvas)
Burlap bags with coconut fish toothpicks ($11.95 per set)
Wide Burlap ribbon & jute twine
More Burlap ribbon
We saw this project at a show. Torn fabric, ribbons and trim are the fringe for this burlap table cloth. Great Idea!
This little burlap stuffed Scottie Dog and his friends will be coming in later in the summer. We will have some matching ribbon as well.

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