Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Century of Silver and Metalwork: The Margo Grant Walsh Collection

A Century of Silver and Metalwork from the Margo Grant Walsh Collection is on display at the SFO Museum until October 2nd. This exhibit presents a broad range of well-designed, functional objects that reveal their essence through their form and their beauty. On display are a variety of objects designed in the last century or so and executed in silver, brass, pewter, bronze and copper. The theme is distinctly modern including the great designers from Christopher Dresser (late-1800s) to the Kalo Shop (early-1900s) to Hiroshi Suzuki (contemporary).
Bowl  c. 1890
Christopher Dresser (1834–1904)
Birmingham, England
Copper, Silver Plate

Footed bowl  1910
The Kalo Shop (1900–70)
Park Ridge, Illinois
Sterling Silver

Lantern  c. 1920
Dirk van Erp (b. Netherlands, 1860–1933)
San Francisco, California
Patinated Copper

Decanter  c. 1901
Josef Maria Olbrich (b. Austria, 1867–1908)
Darmstadt, Germany

The Margo Grant Walsh Collection features extraordinary examples of design and craftsmanship from throughout the world. Seen together, the work demonstrates that great design has no borders and is not restricted to any particularly hallowed generation. The objects on exhibition range from bronze candlesticks to pewter bowls, from a copper and brass teapot to parcel-gilt sterling silver beakers. All are functional, all are examples of exceptional design and all are true to the motto of Clara Welles’ Kalo Shop founded at the beginning of the twentieth century—Beautiful, Useful and Enduring. 
Cream pitcher  1903
Josef Hoffmann (1870–1956) for Wiener Werkst├Ątte
Vienna, Austria
Parcel-gilt Silver, Ivory

Tea service  c. 1948
Svend Weihrauch (1899–1962) for Frantz Hingelberg Silversmithy
Aarhus, Denmark
Sterling Silver, Ivory, Ebony Base

A Century of Silver and Metalwork from the Margo Grant Walsh Collection is located beyond security screening in the new Terminal 2, Departures Level, of the San Francisco International Airport.  The  exhibition  is on view to Terminal 2 ticketed passengers only, through October 2, 2011. Since you need a ticket to travel on an airline in Terminal 2 to see this exhibit, follow these links to see more examples from SFO and an earlier exhibit in Houston.

All photos courtesy of SFO Museum.

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