Monday, July 4, 2011

On the Beach in Cape Cod

While on our trip last month we spent a few days on the beach in Chatham on lower Cape Cod. We were hoping for some early summer New England sun, which can be so beautiful. Not this time ... except for the day we were leaving! But we have never let weather get in the way of enjoying our vacations in the past, so we didn't let it dampen our enthusiasm this time either.
Boats like these are so much a part of my image of a Cape Cod beach.
The boat dock in the fog, and (below) on the one sunny morning.
What's the beach without seagulls?
I love this fence.
Seashells hold a certain fascination for us.
Star fish (or more correctly, sea stars) were here and there on the beach.
The fog is pretty evident in these two photos.
We walked on the beach every morning, picking up some shells (periwinkles mostly), splashing along in the wavelets and taking in the foggy images of boats, docks and seabirds. On a few of the mornings, we heard the eery howling and growling of seals offshore. They congregate on the sand bar off the coast at ebb tide and put on a strange and weird concert. It was especially eery since the fog kept the sand bar beyond the limit of visibility, so the sounds seemed to come from nowhere, or rather from a netherland out over the sea.
Way out there, somewhere, are the howling seals.
The Chatham Lighthouse
The local dogwoods were really putting on a show.
This lobsterman has quite a catch! He's atop Mac's Shack in Wellfleet.
We spent some time checking out the shops, antiques and otherwise, wandered through a few towns, took in a local antique fair one day and a flea market another. It was a fun time, but, as always, it's great to be back home again.

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