Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Antiques & Collectibles Class in Los Gatos • Open for Registration

We have been asked many times if we would offer classes on a variety of subjects. When this opportunity came up to partner with Los Gatos Recreation to offer a class about antiques, we decided to take it on.

We will be leading a class on Antiques and Collectibles at the Los Gatos Adult Recreation Center this Fall. It will be held on Tuesday nights, from 6:30 to 8:30, starting September 27th and continuing through November 1st ... More information below ... Set aside the dates and plan to join us.

Antiques & Collectibles: Some Class Details

The class will be organized around antiques and vintage collections ... some popular, others a little bit more obscure, but just as interesting.  In each class session we will discuss the history and timelines of the topic, to give us an understanding of styles and materials, as well as a basis to be able to decipher the age and provenance of an antique. We will bring some samples of the antiques and collectibles into class (you are encouraged to bring in your own examples as well) and we will also view examples of the works of the important designers and artists who have created the masterworks. Each class will end with a chance for all attendees to show and tell their own antiques and collections.

Antiques & Collectibles: Topics

Week 1: Introductions, Collections, History, Terminology 
Week 2: Silver, focusing on 20th century silver, including identifying marks
Week 3: Porcelain & Pottery, including identifying marks
Week 4: Jewelry, focusing on 20th century costume jewelry
Week 5: Ephemera, a collage of paper and printed collectibles
Week 6: Your Night ... we will determine the content of this session together during the first few weeks of the program.

Antiques & Collectibles: Course Description, Catalog & Registration

Course Description: Restore your appreciation for antiques through this fun and educational 6-week workshop! Class attendees will be provided with a basic vocabulary and timeline for understanding antiques and collectibles. Each class will feature a bit of history, a collection theme and a show & tell by attendees. The focus is on enjoying antiques and collectibles. Class themes will include jewelry, china, silver, collectibles and more. Participants will be provided a detailed outline at the first class describing what types of collections we will focusing on and the types of items to bring in for show and tell segments. 

Catalog of LG Recreation classes. The Antiques & Collectibles class is on page 43, listed under Adult Classes: Potpourri. Or go directly to the Antiques & Collectibles class listing. Additional information can be found in our newsletter announcement.

To Register, click the Registration Link on the course description page. Or go to the LG Recreation page and follow the links.

The class will be held at:

Los Gatos Adult Recreation Center
208 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Telephone: 408.207.4904
Tuesday nights • 6:30pm to 8:30pm • Sept 27th thru Nov 1st

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