Tuesday, August 16, 2011

French Chic • Madame & Monsieur Napkin Rings

We found these silver plated napkin rings at a Paris flea market. All art deco and really cool!

Then I found this article by Julia Lewis in House Beautiful that made me remember the napkin rings. 

A Grand, Parisian Hotel-Inspired Guest Bathroom - An antique chandelier, a burnished cast-iron tub, silver decor, and a vintage pharmacy cabinet give the bathroom in designer Betty Lou Phillips's home its luxurious French style.

Julia Lewis: Monsieur and Madame? There's bound to be a story behind that.
Betty Lou Phillips: Oh, there is. It all started with napkin rings.
Well, that's an icebreaker.
I was in Paris, in a random shop on the Left Bank, and I saw a pair of silver napkin rings engraved 'Madame' and 'Monsieur.' I loved the shapely lettering and the nod to French decorum, so I bought them and told myself I'd do something creative with them one day. And 15 years later, I did. They were the template for these inlaid tile 'rugs' in my guest bathroom. 

What really set me thinking is how Phillips re-purposed the napkin rings as towel holders. Try it yourself in your guest bath or powder room. I think you'll get compliments on your creativity.

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