Saturday, August 13, 2011

Milton Bradley's Kindergarten Materials • Square Pegs

Milton Bradley, who founded the Milton Bradley Company in 1860, is best known as the father of American board games. His company released The Checkered Game of Life in 1860. The game, which is a forerunner of The Game of Life, was an instant success. But Bradley actually started out in business as a lithographer and later turned to making games and other things.
Cover of 1896 Catalog
He had an immense interest in the education of children, publishing the Kindergarten News and other educational periodicals and books. In the 1890s Milton Bradley Company released Bradley's Kindergarten Material and School Aids.  Among these products was this box of 3000 Square Pegs, which were to be used with "a neat wooden board, about six inches square, with a hundred holes drilled in squares of half an inch, for use in arranging small colored pegs in a variety of artistic or symmetrical form."
Note that a box of these pegs cost only 15 cents in 1896

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