Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Crafting Treasures

At Vintages we always have a large variety of treasures, special finds and doo-dads for crafters. These vintage craft items are one more way we distinguish ourselves from the ordinary craft stores and scrapbook shops. These are things you will not find anywhere else. The offerings change frequently, as these are always subject to the whims of our special finds.

Old Paper
I have run posts on our vintage paper items in the past -- ledgers, letters and envelopes, wallpaper, wine labels, sheet music and post cards. In the paper department we also have many old photographs, crate, bottle and tin labels, die-cuts, playing cards and even paper dolls.

Vintage Millinery
How about some old hat feathers and millinery flowers? We also have loads of vintage ribbons and trims. These would spice up any altered book or handcrafted tag.

Printing Blocks, Game Tokens, Children's Blocks
The game tokens come in many shapes and a variety of materials - round, square, oblong and made of ivory, bakelite, plastic and paper. Letterpress blocks make great focal points in artwork, or these can be the artwork by themselves. We have these in wood and metal, and even have quite a few with pictures and advertising on them. Children's blocks come in different sizes and ages. Try these as parts of robots or dolls, as pedestals for other art, or to spell out a child's name.

Watch Parts, Old Bottles & Vials, Small Hardware
Steampunk enthusiasts should love these. Some of the little vials have tiny watch hardware in them.

Ephemera Packages
From time-to-time, Susan puts together special pre-packaged selections of ephemera. These are usually themed collections, such as French documents, floral items, bird prints, etc. Great gifts for your crafty friends.

Artcetera Packages
These special pre-packaged assortments are themed collections of a variety of items, including ephemera, little bottles, small jewelry items, beads and chains, and more. All themed and ready for a crafter to put them together with their own collections to create that special something.

Come in and check out these special crafting treasures. Have fun and enjoy the world of arts and crafts.

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