Friday, September 30, 2011

Collection: Perfume Bottles and Vanity Jars

Perfume bottles have been a popular collectible for a long time. They come in so many shapes, styles and materials that any collection can be as focused or broad as you like. They can be little miniatures, even doll-house sized, or large table top bottles, and even the super large display bottles known as a factice. The peak of perfume bottle-mania was in the art nouveau period, when the master of the genre, Rene Lalique, made some luscious perfume bottles. Art deco bottles are also highly desirable, with Tiffany leading the list.

Perfume bottles were designed to reflect the personality of the lady who would own them or the character of the commercial perfume inside. Either way, these bottles are wonderful to collect.

I love these early 1900s German figural perfume bottles. The trinket boxes and vases were part of the whole vanity accessory ensemble.
German Porcelain Vanity Accessories: Perfumes $115 each; Trinket Boxes $65 each; Mini-Vase $49
Small vials that held perfume for the well-coutured lady to carry in her purse are easy on the pocket book and do not occupy much space when displayed.
Purse Perfume Vials: Frances Denny High Life with leather case $22; Bakelite case with glass vial $38

L: Caron Paris Bottle $49; R: Purse Bottle $49
Crystal bottles from the 1940s and 1950s look great on a vanity. Most of these were very geometric, reflecting the modernism of the time.
Crystal Perfume Bottles $39 each
Art Deco Bottle $75
These tiny miniatures were intended to be attached to this spring-loaded figural chatelaine. These are blown glass (and we have the funnels to fill them, too!)
Miniature Perfume Bottles $19.95 each; Funnels $9.95 each; Chatelaine Paly Pins $49 each
In Paris, the streets are lined with souvenir stands, eager to pitch anything French for you to take home with you. Back fifty years ago, boxes like this filled with miniature Paris perfumes were popular.
Les Parfums de France in original box $95
In Victorian times, scent bottles and vanity jars were necessities on every vanity table. Beautiful cut crystal bottles and jars with silver lids were the high fashion of the day.
Victorian Crystal Scent and Vanity Bottles with Sterling Silver Lids (from $49)
For a listing of perfume bottles and vanity jars that we have online, please click here. Remember, we always have more items in our shop than are listed online.

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