Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Sad Love Story: Mantie • Blondy My Sweetheart

This is a true love story written April 18, 1914, in San Francisco. It was written by Jerome Erickson to Mantie Beuck. I love the title: Mantie - or Blondy My Sweetheart By I Really Love Her. This guy is smitten! and he has a sense of humor too.

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Mantie Beuck was a San Francisco girl who passed on this Jerome guy and married Rea Montgomery in 1917. Rea was the nephew of the San Jose legendary developer Thomas "T.S." Montgomery. The couple were the parents to San Jose's Shirlie Montgomery (now 93 years young) who made her mark in the Bay Area as a journalistic photographer when it was not the fashion for ladies to do such things. She is also a member of the Wrestling Hall of Fame for her action photos of wrestlers from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Here are a few more images of the envelope this letter was sent in, etc.

Here are a couple of ads run in 1914 for the Green Parrot.


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