Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Time for Holiday Crafts

Vintage Western Germany lithographed heavy paper bowls ($13 each)
The Holidays sure present a multitude of opportunities for crafters to show off their imaginations and creativity. Cards, gifts, table centerpieces, room decorations, gift bows and tags are available for the crafter. Vintages always has crafting supplies in stock ... some vintage, some new, all fun! Come on in and pick up some unique crafting treasures.
Our "Tiny Treasures" pack of beads are a great source of creative energy for all ages ($5.95 for a 5" round)

Along with beads, we have buttons and bells as well.
A whole bunch of doo-dads from Canvas, Stanislaus and American Tag Company

A variety of brass items like discs, tags and adornments

Eyelets and brads ($3.49 a bag)

Maya Road crafting packets (from $4.95 per pack)

Vintaj brass embellishments (from $1.39 per pack)
Letters & Numbers - colorful ones (49c each)

Letters & Numbers - glitter ones ($2.49 each)

Letters & Numbers - miniature ones (99c each)

Alphabet cards ($1.00 each)
Old documents with super graphics and penmanship

Reproductions of vintage images (99c each card; $3.95 per sheet)

Notes and cards from Spain and Italy
Stamps, stickers, ribbons, baker's twine, and more ...

Old lace and vintage crochet doilies, including these little lace and linen squares

Game tokens in celluloid, bakelite and ivory

Craft packets ... ready to give as a gift or to start a project.

More craft packets ... lots to choose from
Decorative masking tape ($7.95 per 2-roll pack)

Vintage ribbons and trims

Large selection of beautiful ribbons
This is a wonderful one-of-a-kind vintage painter's box, including sketchbook, a couple of brushes and a palette knife ($89 for the whole setup)

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