Monday, November 28, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Ever wonder how much it would cost to purchase all the gifts in the classic Holiday song The Twelve Days of Christmas? Well, last year we passed on the tabulation from the folks over at PNC Wealth Management who calculate the PNC Christmas Price Index. So we pass it on again this year, which is the 28th time they have done this index that totals the cost of items gifted by a True Love who repeats all of the song's verses.

For the 2011 Holiday season your True Love will have to shell out $101,119.84 for all 364 gifts, a 4.4 percent increase compared to last year. It is comforting to know that the cost of Three French Hens, Eight Maids-a-Milking, Nine Ladies Dancing and 10 Lords-a-Leaping are the same as last year. However, the price of Seven Swans-a-Swimming rose by 12.5 percent to $6,300, and while the Partridge is still affordable at $15, its home, the Pear Tree, increased 13.3 percent to $169.99.

For those True Loves who prefer the convenience of shopping online, the cost of The Twelve Days of Christmas gifts purchased on the internet is $174,382.93! Internet prices are higher than their in-store counterparts because of premium shipping costs for birds and the convenience factor of shopping online, according to PNC.
Well, the twelve days of Christmas are almost upon us. Vintages can assure you that a True Love can get by on much less in our shop ... and get much more relevant and wonderful gifts as well.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My true love sent to me ...
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lords a-leaping,
Nine ladies dancing,
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtledoves,
And a partridge in a pear tree! 

• For those who want to see the numbers, here’s the breakdown of the cost for each gift.
  • Partridge in a Pear Tree – $184.99 (up 14.2%)
  • Two Turtle Doves - $125.00 (up 25%)
  • Three French Hens - $150.00 (no change)
  • Four Calling Birds - $519.96 (down 13.3%)
  • Five Golden Rings - $645.00 (up 0.8%)
  • Six Geese-a-Laying - $162.00 (Up 8%)
  • Seven Swans-a-Swimming - $6,300.00 (Up 12.5%)
  • Eight Maids-a-Milking - $58.00 (no change)
  • Nine Ladies Dancing - $6,294.03 (no change)
  • Ten Lords-a-Leaping - $4,766.70 (no change)
  • Eleven Pipers Piping - $2,427.60 (up 3%)
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming - $2,629.90 (up 3%)

24 Gifts of Christmas: A Vintages' Holiday Gift Guide

Starting on Dec 1st, Vintages presents the 24 Gifts of Christmas -- a Holiday Gift Guide with a gift idea every day until Christmas. We will post a reminder here on Postmark: Vintages of Los Gatos, but the full post will be on our companion site, Vintages: Featured Product. On that blog you will find everything you need to help you select the perfect gift for the Holidays -- photos, links to online resources and pricing information.
Vintages' Holiday Gift Guide • The 24 Gifts of Christmas
REMEMBER: For items purchased in Vintages we can wrap your gift for you and arrange for shipping as well. We have gift certificates and Christmas cards, too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

 * * Happy Thanksgiving * *

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Bob & Susan

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Time for Holiday Crafts

Vintage Western Germany lithographed heavy paper bowls ($13 each)
The Holidays sure present a multitude of opportunities for crafters to show off their imaginations and creativity. Cards, gifts, table centerpieces, room decorations, gift bows and tags are available for the crafter. Vintages always has crafting supplies in stock ... some vintage, some new, all fun! Come on in and pick up some unique crafting treasures.
Our "Tiny Treasures" pack of beads are a great source of creative energy for all ages ($5.95 for a 5" round)

Along with beads, we have buttons and bells as well.
A whole bunch of doo-dads from Canvas, Stanislaus and American Tag Company

A variety of brass items like discs, tags and adornments

Eyelets and brads ($3.49 a bag)

Maya Road crafting packets (from $4.95 per pack)

Vintaj brass embellishments (from $1.39 per pack)
Letters & Numbers - colorful ones (49c each)

Letters & Numbers - glitter ones ($2.49 each)

Letters & Numbers - miniature ones (99c each)

Alphabet cards ($1.00 each)
Old documents with super graphics and penmanship

Reproductions of vintage images (99c each card; $3.95 per sheet)

Notes and cards from Spain and Italy
Stamps, stickers, ribbons, baker's twine, and more ...

Old lace and vintage crochet doilies, including these little lace and linen squares

Game tokens in celluloid, bakelite and ivory

Craft packets ... ready to give as a gift or to start a project.

More craft packets ... lots to choose from
Decorative masking tape ($7.95 per 2-roll pack)

Vintage ribbons and trims

Large selection of beautiful ribbons
This is a wonderful one-of-a-kind vintage painter's box, including sketchbook, a couple of brushes and a palette knife ($89 for the whole setup)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bonnie Noehr's Miniature Books and Calligraphy

Bonnie Noehr is a frequent customer here at Vintages searching out ribbons and other treasures to use with her books. She is a calligrapher and book artist, who currently serves as president of Pacific Scribes, the San Jose-based calligraphy guild. Pacific Scribes holds workshops and exhibits throughout the year. An exhibit, including calligraphy wall art and small books, will be on display at the Los Altos Library, 13 S. San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA, December 1 - 31, 2011. 

Bonnie's latest creations are these two wonderful accordian miniature books.

The first is a small accordion fold book that has Japanese paper covers and Fabriano paper for the text.  The text is written in the Copperplate hand (Engrosser's script) using metallic gold watercolor and a vintage nib in an oblique pen holder. The book closes with a ribbon tie using ribbon Bonnie found at Vintages.

The Raven "recycled" is a book within a small tin, painted black. The pages are recycled from a Restoration Hardware catalog on which is written the complete text of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven using Copperplate and a variety of inks (many do not work on slick paper according to Bonnie) using a vintage nib in an oblique pen holder.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is 
Thursday, November 24th

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged by many people today as the first Thanksgiving celebration in the colonies.

In November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast and invited a group of the fledgling colony’s Native American allies, including the Wampanoag chief Massasoit. Now remembered as American’s “first Thanksgiving”—although the Pilgrims themselves may not have used the term at the time—the festival lasted for three days. While no record exists of the historic banquet’s exact menu, the Pilgrim chronicler Edward Winslow wrote in his journal that Governor Bradford sent four men on a “fowling” mission in preparation for the event, and that the Wampanoag guests arrived bearing five deer. Historians have suggested that many of the dishes were likely prepared using traditional Native American spices and cooking methods. Because the Pilgrims had no oven and the Mayflower’s sugar supply had dwindled by the fall of 1621, the meal did not feature pies, cakes or other desserts, which have become a hallmark of contemporary celebrations.
The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth by Jennie A. Brownscombe

Over the next couple of hundred years, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by the American colonies and states. However it wasn't until 1863 that President Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November. The holiday was celebrated on a variety of days until 1941 when President Roosevelt signed a bill making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November.
When you bring together your family and friends this Thanksgiving, why not put out your best china, your silverware and a whimsical turkey or two. While it is time for serious thanks, something we all should do, it is also time to look at life a little less seriously. Enjoy the holiday. At Vintages we try to present options for elegance as well as fun ... silver tableware along side a folk art turkey ... a pumpkin created from natural elements next to a delicious home made pumpkin pie.

We have some nice Holiday table decorations available online and in the shop. Our vintage silver offering has some spectacular pieces of sterling and in the shop we also have a nice selection of silver plate serving pieces.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments ($9.95 each)
Every year we search out distinctive, unique and different tree ornaments. We think you will like this year's selection. We have some wonderful snow globe style ornaments with deer, penguins and the Eiffel Tower. The winter forest ornament set is unique and whimsical. How about a sailboat? Or a skating deer?
Vintage-style glass globe ornaments feature the Eiffel Tower, a stag deer and a penguin (all $24.95 each); The set of six winter forest ornaments is different enough to be a collector's item ($28.95 box of six)
Neat manuscript paper sailboat ornament with flag ($39.95 each)
Gold Glass Ball Ornaments with Trees ($18.95)
Ice skating deer ornaments ($24.95 each)
Birds are a natural ornament in a tree and we have several ... from glass and glitter to feathery and sequined.
This tree is loaded with a variety of ornaments.
Glittery Bird Ornaments in Red & Silver ($9.95 each)
Feathery clip-on birds with sequins or glitter (from $6.95 each)
This glass ornament is a pretty bird ($9.95 each)
Susan has made some one-of-a-kind solder glass pendant style ornaments again this year.
These one-of-a-kind ornaments Hand Made by Susan are two sided and encased in 2x3 inch glass ($19.95 each)
As usual for Vintages, some of these are available online, while others are only available in the shop. But you can email us about any of them to get more information or to place an order.
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