Thursday, March 29, 2012

Decorative Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs are wonderful ... all of them. But then, we would say that!
Glass egg ornaments ($6.50 & $7.50 each)
Decorated ornaments: Gold egg box ($29.95) and Silver egg ($10.95)
Truthfully, we do have a very nice selection of eggs for Easter ... real ones in nests ... glass ones and porcelain ones ... plastic candy basket eggs and paper mache candy container eggs.

Without a doubt, the most gorgeous eggs in the world are the ones made by Karl Faberge. 

Alas, we do not have one of those (but check this site out for lots on info on Faberge). We do have this beautiful decorated glass egg that opens so you could put in candy, money or jewelry as a gift. 
Gold decorative egg box ($29.95); Paris bracelet ($22.95)
Several months ago I found these two bird's nests. I have added a few bird eggs and put them in large apothecary jars. They are terrific!
Real bird's nest and eggs in glass apothecary jar ($95)
Real bird's nest in glass candy canister ($95)
In fact, bird's nests and a variety of eggs make a nice table setting anytime of the year, especially in spring.
A variety of eggs (real and replica) in nests (prices vary)
Glass eggs in nest (eggs $3.49 each)
We also have a number of designs of eggs to hold candies ... baskets and boxes.

Limoges boxes and other porcelain boxes in Easter themes are always in stock.
Genuine Hand Painted Limoges Boxes from France
Little porcelain boxes ($13.95 each)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Easter Candy Containers

Easter morning has always been a fantasy. Children awake to colorful baskets, eggs in rainbow colors and candy in many shapes and flavors. Sometimes the candy was held in bunny rabbit or Easter hen containers. We have several of these marvels of the past in the shop and online ... rabbits made of paper mache that hold candy and a wonderful tin litho hen that lays eggs! Check these out.
Paper mache bunny candy containers ($$95 to $195 each)

Fantastic "Boy in Bunny Costume" candy container ($395) and the hen that lays the Easter egg tin litho ($69)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sterling Silver for Your Baby

For over a hundred years the tradition of gifting babies a set of sterling silver flatware and a drinking cup has endured. Many of these employed designs from standard patterns being offered by the silver makers. Some were downright plain. And then there were the wonderful fairy tale pieces that were clearly "just for baby".
Sterling Baby Cups (from $49 to $65 each)

Sterling Baby Spoon & Fork by Towle in Lady Constance pattern ($49 set)

Fairy Tale handles and bowl on Baby Spoons (from $49 to $85)

Two elaborate handles on Baby Spoons ($49 each)

Sterling Bell with MOP Teething Ring ($159)
Baby Bib Clips and Napkin Ring

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Los Gatos Postcard: Train on Santa Cruz Avenue

Santa Cruz Avenue at the corner of Main Street with the Peninsular Railway train approaching. The train station (which also served the Southern Pacific Coast Railroad that ran one block east, through what are now parking lots between buildings and designated as Station Way) was in the area that is now the Town Square and the post office. On the left is the La Canada building and on the right is the Bank of Italy (America) building. For an interesting historical perspective of downtown Los Gatos, take this walking tour.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wax Seals for Your Artwork and Stationery

We now have in stock a terrific set of wax seals. While wax sealing of documents, envelopes and letters has been the traditional use of wax seals, proving provenance of the information and securing privacy, there are a myriad of ways a crafter or mixed-media artist can use these in projects, artwork and decoration. Think of using the seal as an element in altered art or a journal. The three-dimensional effect is at once creative and still formal. A wax stamped seal placed on a journal can personalize it. When adhered to a glass, it works just like a wine glass charm. Try placing them on candles, vases or blown glass hearts. All simple additions to a project that also can mark them as your own.

To add both dimension and color to a seal, use metallic pigment ink pads to create a two tone highlight in the sealing wax. Simply push the seal onto the ink pad. After you have melted some wax, push your seal into the wax and when it dries, you will have a two color impression.
Alphabet wax seals and sealing wax sticks (Alphabet Stamps $9.95 each; Wax Sticks $3.50 each)

Wax Seal Stamps with Symbols ($11.95 each)
Seals done using metallic pigment ink
Metallic Ink Pads - we have gold, copper, brass and silver in stock ($2.95 each)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Washing Instructions

I came across this label on a blog this morning. mmmmmhhh!
Posted by Alkemie              

Monday, March 12, 2012


My Honey gave me these gorgeous red tulips. Aren't they beautiful!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easter is Hopping up on us!

Little porcelain boxes ($13.95 each)
With the clocks springing ahead and daylight saving time kicking in, Easter has to be just around the corner ... and it is! Easter is just four weeks away. Vintages is ready. We have bunny rabbits, little chicks, baskets and more. Come on in and pick out your Easter decorations and gifts.

Genuine Hand Painted Limoges Boxes from France
Enamel Boxes &29.95 each) and Clay Figurines ($6.95 to $12.95 each)
Colorful Springtime Candles

We also have a small, but nice selection of vintage Easter and spring items.
Vintage Bunny Rabbit Pins
Antique Bunny Boy Candy Container & Tin Chicken Candy Dispenser

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vintage Los Gatos Postcard: Santa Clara Valley of Hearts Delight

Before Don Hoefler coined the term Silicon Valley in the 1960s, the Santa Clara Valley was known as The Valley of Hearts Delight. It was a place of agricultural splendor. Orchards with prune, apricot and plum trees, and vineyards of grapes. In spring you could see a blanket of white and pink blossoms across the floor of the valley and their sweet aroma wafted across the whole region. The orchards are mostly gone now. A few remain, some, like the Heritage Orchard in Saratoga, are historical parks. Somehow, Silicon Valley does not have the same romantic sentiment as The Valley of Hearts Delight!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day • March 17th

Are you celebrating St. Patty's Day? Wearing green ... drinking green beer ... pinning on a shamrock ... dining on corned beef and cabbage? Vintages has several items to help you celebrate. Clover pendants and shamrock magnets are in stock.
Susan's hand made silver solder pendants with St. Patrick's Day and Irish themes ($12.95 to $19.95 each)

Special shamrock magnets and a variety of frames and easels to attach them to.
We also have a few pieces of vintage jewelry with clovers and good luck charms.
Victorian Gold-filled Crescent Pin/Brooch w/Opal Clover ($95.00)
How about this old postcard?

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