Thursday, March 29, 2012

Decorative Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs are wonderful ... all of them. But then, we would say that!
Glass egg ornaments ($6.50 & $7.50 each)
Decorated ornaments: Gold egg box ($29.95) and Silver egg ($10.95)
Truthfully, we do have a very nice selection of eggs for Easter ... real ones in nests ... glass ones and porcelain ones ... plastic candy basket eggs and paper mache candy container eggs.

Without a doubt, the most gorgeous eggs in the world are the ones made by Karl Faberge. 

Alas, we do not have one of those (but check this site out for lots on info on Faberge). We do have this beautiful decorated glass egg that opens so you could put in candy, money or jewelry as a gift. 
Gold decorative egg box ($29.95); Paris bracelet ($22.95)
Several months ago I found these two bird's nests. I have added a few bird eggs and put them in large apothecary jars. They are terrific!
Real bird's nest and eggs in glass apothecary jar ($95)
Real bird's nest in glass candy canister ($95)
In fact, bird's nests and a variety of eggs make a nice table setting anytime of the year, especially in spring.
A variety of eggs (real and replica) in nests (prices vary)
Glass eggs in nest (eggs $3.49 each)
We also have a number of designs of eggs to hold candies ... baskets and boxes.

Limoges boxes and other porcelain boxes in Easter themes are always in stock.
Genuine Hand Painted Limoges Boxes from France
Little porcelain boxes ($13.95 each)

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