Saturday, March 3, 2012

March is National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month and Vintages wants to celebrate our favorite past-time by sharing ideas on crafting -- projects, products, inspiration and more.

Many craft related products and supplies have been added at Vintages over the past year. We have lots of doo-dads and embellishments from Vintaj, Maya Road, Canvas Corp. and more. Solder kits and rubber stamps, ribbons and decorative papers. Vintage millinery and lace, old paper, photos, ledgers, documents and glass vials! In fact, the vintage crafting treasures we have make us a unique destination for crafters.

A selection of our crafting supplies and products are available online at Pretty Ribbons on Etsy and Vintages' Online Shop. The complete selection is available in our Los Gatos shop. As always, you can contact us via phone (408-399-9090) or email about items or with questions. We happily ship anywhere.

New this year are wax seals, glass and elemental glitter, fine line glue pens, vintage watch parts and typewriter keys, with more to come. So check us out and have fun crafting!

Crafting is a great way to relax and have fun. No matter what craft activity you prefer, the enjoyment you get from crafting is immense. Below are some tips to help make your crafting experience even more fun:
• Keep craft materials organized – Place components and tools in plastic containers, closet organizers, baskets, old silverware containers, whatever works for you.
• Craft in a clear area – Keep your workspace free of clutter and well lit … natural light is best. It will allow you to focus on the craft project at hand.
• The more the merrier – Craft with a friend or your family. It allows for quality time together along with some laughs, exchange of ideas and encouragement.
• Craft to the beat – Play some of your favorite music while you craft. Sing along (maybe?) and enjoy yourself.
• Take a break – Be sure to get up and stretch when crafting for long periods of time. It will not only revive your body but also your imagination.
• Envision the finished project – Think of how beautiful the pillow will look on your bed, how nice the art will look on the wall, how your daughter will love the scrapbook page that features her dance recital. It’s a great motivator and will keep you focused.
• Enjoy yourself – Crafting is fun! It is a way to express your individuality, imagination and creativity. If a project isn’t coming out the way you wanted, don’t get discouraged. It’s your idea, so it can be any way you like it!

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