Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wax Seals for Your Artwork and Stationery

We now have in stock a terrific set of wax seals. While wax sealing of documents, envelopes and letters has been the traditional use of wax seals, proving provenance of the information and securing privacy, there are a myriad of ways a crafter or mixed-media artist can use these in projects, artwork and decoration. Think of using the seal as an element in altered art or a journal. The three-dimensional effect is at once creative and still formal. A wax stamped seal placed on a journal can personalize it. When adhered to a glass, it works just like a wine glass charm. Try placing them on candles, vases or blown glass hearts. All simple additions to a project that also can mark them as your own.

To add both dimension and color to a seal, use metallic pigment ink pads to create a two tone highlight in the sealing wax. Simply push the seal onto the ink pad. After you have melted some wax, push your seal into the wax and when it dries, you will have a two color impression.
Alphabet wax seals and sealing wax sticks (Alphabet Stamps $9.95 each; Wax Sticks $3.50 each)

Wax Seal Stamps with Symbols ($11.95 each)
Seals done using metallic pigment ink
Metallic Ink Pads - we have gold, copper, brass and silver in stock ($2.95 each)

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