Friday, May 25, 2012

Cages and Houses for the Birds

The latest Country Living (June 2012) had this feature on Cute Coops. As they put it: For the birds? Hardly. These decorative cages make perfect perches for plants, books, and more. We agree. Vintages has carried bird cages and bird houses for years. We love them ... maybe because we love birds. We look for nice decorative and usable cages and houses. Here's our current selection

Selection of birdhouses and garden goodies. Birdhouse on stand ($84.95 each)
Beachy-style birdhouses made from recycled wood slats ($39.95 each) • Wire birds ($15.95 each
Miniature bird in hanging birdcage ($9.95 each)
Vintage birdcage - one-of-a-kind ($165.00) • Metal shore birds ($64.95 & $84.95 - one each available)
Large wire bird cage on stand with removable bottom ($695.00 - one available)
Bird cage style cloche with pot & saucer ($36.95 each)
Colorful hand crafted birdhouses ($45.95 to $53.95 each) • Miniature birdhouses ($14.95 each)

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