Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Class Announcement: Collecting Vintage Jewelry

We have again partnered with Los Gatos Recreation to offer a class about antiques. This Fall 2012 class will focus on Collecting Vintage Jewelry. It will be held on Tuesday nights, October 9th through November 6th. More information below ... Set aside the dates and plan to join us.

Jewelry from the past continues to be both a hot collectible and a brilliant fashion statement. Modern costume jewelry just does not have the special beauty of pieces from the mid-20th century. Vintage jewels are like miniature works of art, some classic, some flashy and all of it enduring.

The class will cover the history, designs and fashions of jewelry from as early as the Egyptians and up to modern trends. In each class session we will discuss a different time frame, looking into what was behind the designs, who the leading jewelers were and what makes the best “the best.” Classes will also cover topics to help give you an understanding of fashions and materials, as well as a basis to be able to decipher the age and maker of jewelry. We will bring some samples of collectible vintage jewelry into class (you are encouraged to bring in your own examples as well) and we will also view examples of the works of the important designers and artists who have created the masterworks. Each class will end with a chance for all attendees to share their own jewelry collections

Registration for this class will open on August 3rd, so watch for updates on our blog and newsletter, or send us your email and we will send you a notice when registration opens.

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