Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Collection: Vintage Playing Cards

Das Kupferestichspiel des I.M.F. von 1617 (Reproduced 1979) • Courtesy Rod Starling
Playing cards are a popular collectible. The cards, decks and boxes can be pretty fantastic on their own, but these little works of art are one of the ultimate cross-collectibles. Beyond the basic playing card decks, boxes and cards are used for advertising, travel scenes, historical images, world's fair souvenirs, children's games, and more. 
Johann Hieronymus Loschenkohl's 1806 Musical Playing Cards (Reproduced 1981) • Courtesy Rod Starling
Playing cards originated in ancient China and were introduced to Europe as part of the trade with the Orient in the 14th century. The early cards were hand decorated, something that is still done today on special decks. We especially like the decks that have different images on the front of each card. Southern Pacific Railroad issued a number of these showing the sights along the routes it traveled.

While most collectors collect complete decks, there are collectors that zero-in on only jokers, the ace of spades or special backs. Boxes are definitely part of the deal! Look for great graphics, unusual advertising, special games or specialties like fortune telling cards, airplane spotter cards or travel souvenirs.

Here are some of the decks we have at Vintages, including some that are in our online shop.
American President Lines Double/Canasta Deck ($24.95)
Southern Pacific Railroad Souvenir Playing Cards ($69.95)
Chicago 1934 World's Fair Souvenir Deck (Sold)
Mark Hopkins Hotel Double/Canasta Advertising Deck ($24.95)
Advertising Playing Cards ($9.95 to $14.95 each)
Double/Canasta Decks: Seattle Space Needle & Faberge Eggs ($14.95 each)
Komedy Kennedy Kards ($24.95)
Cheer-Up Comedy Cards (Sold)
Looney Tunes ($14.95) • Old Maid ($24.95) • Fortune Telling Cards ($39.95)
Novelty Round Souvenir Card Deck from Lake Tahoe ($14.95)
Coca Cola Aircraft Spotter Cards • We have a different deck available ($69.95)
Collector's Weekly has a very good section on collecting vintage playing cards, including links to articles and collector sites.

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