Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage Sewing: Cases, Kits, Pincushions, etc.

The SFO Museum just launched a new exhibit in Terminal 3 at the airport. Entitled, Threading the Needle: Sewing in the Machine Age, it explores the world of sewing after the advent of the mechanical sewing machine. 
Toy sewing machines from the exhibit
For approximately 20,000 years, hand sewing with needles and thread made from various materials remained unchanged. When the sewing machine was first introduced to American homes in the 1850s, it was heralded as a laborsaving device that would transform the domestic lives of women everywhere ... The popular and influential Godey's Lady's Book soon coined the sewing machine "the queen of inventions" and declared that every family in the United States should own one.

Sewing tools and accessories are wonderful collectibles. Not only are there myriads of styles and combinations of sewing trinkets around, but people who sew are the ultimate crafters, making and modifying tools to suit their needs.
Porcelain pincushion dolls, or half-dolls, that are used on pincushions, vanity jars and powder puffs

A small variety of our pincushions

Sewing tools and trinkets
For years we have collected vintage sewing items for the shop. We have a variety of pincushions, needle cases, sewing kits, thimbles and accessories.
Novelty figural pincushions (Metal canoe $69; German silver plate elephant $59; Small elephants made of sterling silver in England $125 each - blue & red)

A variety of leather sewing kits & cases from the early 1900s are available ($49 to $89 each)
Recent additions include a couple of 19th century Victorian sewing boxes. One is a beautifully made combination traveling writing desk and sewing kit, the other a wonderful box to hold sewing threads, with a mirror and drawer as well.
19th C Victorian Coromandel Writing Lap Desk/Sewing Box ($1295)

19th C Victorian Mahogany Sewing Box ($275)
These are great gifts for sewing collectors, Victorian antique afficianados and lovers of trinkets. Come on in to check these out ... or visit our antique selling site online.

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