Friday, August 24, 2012

NEW! Flasks and Reading Glasses

We have these really neat stainless steel flasks that are wrapped in Italian leather. We have the funnels for filling these flasks as well. Plus, we have received a new shipment of reading glasses that come in Italian leather cases. Check them out!
These 6 oz. flasks range in price: Glittery Hot Purple ($26.95) • Pink leather ($37.95) • Black & Brown Leather ($39.95). The tall 10 oz. flasks in Black, Pink and Stingray leather come with two shot glasses ($39.95)

These reading glasses, in a full range of magnification, are only $15.95 including the Italian leather case.
Great gifts. Just add a special beverage for the flasks (make mine Courvoisier), or a favorite book with the readers.

1 comment :

  1. Vintage flasks are always an "it" thing. They never go out of style. My dad used to have this vintage flask but eventually he had to give it up to try new one.


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