Friday, September 14, 2012

Kennebunkport, Maine

We spent several days in Kennebunkport, Maine, on our trip. This little village at the mouth of the Kennebunk River in southern Maine is a great little getaway. Yes, it is touristy, especially in the summer, but it is much less so after Labor Day. We stayed in a wonderful B&B on the tidal region of the river ... the Bufflehead Cove Inn. Our little cottage was named "The Hideaway" and it lived up to its name. The family owned Inn is run by Harriet and Jim along with their son Erin with help from Erin's wife Paige. Service was awesome ... and the setting was too!
The front porch of the Hideaway
Kennebunk tidal basin from our front porch
"Upside down lilies" on the porch
Flowers were everywhere!
The driveway leaving the Inn
In the room was the guest book, which we enjoyed reading. One post really caught our attention. It included beautiful handwriting (as most did), some little sketches and a drawing of the room! Then we checked the signature and it was Antoinette and Richard Ledzian, well known artists and authors. 
From Bubbles to Buffleheads and Chocolates to Chipmunks
What's a bufflehead, you may ask? It's an arctic sea duck that migrates to New England in the winter. The little cove near the Inn is Bufflehead Cove and the fancy plumed little fowl visit there every winter.
Male Bufflehead duck
On the road down to the Inn, there were a couple of lovely little ponds. One was rather murky, but was visited by ducks, herons and kingfishers, and populated by frogs and turtles. The other was covered with beautiful lily pads, blooming white and pink in the mid-day sun.
Beautiful lily pad pond
Kingfisher in the turtle pond
Kennebunkport, and the slightly larger town of Kennebunk, is studded with great old houses. Some are traditional Maine house (mansions, really). Then there is the Wedding Cake House! A bit over-the-top, I would say. And no mention of Kennebunkport houses would be complete without the Bush's summer house on Walker Point.

Kennebunk mansion
Traditional Maine house decked out with American flags for Labor Day
Another traditional house in Kennebunk
The famous Wedding Cake House of Kennebunk
The Bush summer house on Walker's Point in Kennebunkport
We return to Kennebunkport every few years. It's a beautiful place, and we love it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Antiques from Brimfield and Maine

We are back from our trip to New England. We spent the first few days at Brimfield searching through the largest outdoor antique market in the USA. Then we went up to Maine, where we scoured shops and markets for vintage items to bring back to Vintages. We did well.

Brimfield Antique Market
Here is a sampling of the fruits of our search. We will be pricing these and putting them on shelves and some of them online as quickly as we can.

Beatrix Potter figurines to add to our already extensive collection.
Wonderful, colorful buttons on display boards ... plus other sewing items.
Some very nice vintage compasses, opera glasses, a mini telescope and a few old maps.
These are two gorgeous ostrich feather fans! WOW! We have a couple of lovely silk ones in the shop as well.
Silk hankies from England and France.
Several excellent old brass jewelry boxes, plus a couple of Italian wood ones too ... and a few pieces of jewelry as well.
Delicate old French lace, plus trims and millinery flowers.
Hundreds of old letters and documents from as far back as the 1860s!
An interesting old fashion book and a number of trims and needle boxes.
Hand made bridge tallies and place cards.
And there is a lot more ... Several outstanding old miniature frames, fraternal medals (Masons, Knights of Pytheus and Knights of the Templar included), a few dozen Wade figures from old Red Rose Tea boxes, miniature books, vintage Halloween, Christmas and Valentine items ... and more.

Monday, September 3, 2012

1933 Almanac • Women's City Club • San Francisco

I recently found this wonderful old 1933 Almanac from the San Francisco Women's City Club, a member of the National League for Women's Service of California. It is filled with stories, recipes, calendars and good old "common sense," as almanacs were back then.

What are truly amazing are the woodblock prints! This club had some extremely talented ladies as members. The cover was created by Nadine Hammond. This fantasized map of the San Francisco Bay, pre-Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, is just super!

The monthly entries are headed by a series of calendar images that are both whimsical and symbolic. These woodblock prints are the work of  well-known wood-cut artist Bernita Lundy, who was also the Art Director for the club.

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